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Valentine’s Arts & Crafts Workshop!

Don’t give your loved one the same old chocolate/plushie/rotting plant gifts this year. Show them you really care by cluttering up their living space with something you made yourself!

Valentine’s Arts & Crafts Workshop!

It’s that time of year again, where advertising everywhere is telling you that you have to spend money on your SO or end up in the doghouse for the rest of the month. Are you going to mail it in by buying a box of chocolates, a stuffed animal that you know they don’t actually want, or the dying reproductive organs of a plant? All this stuff has been done before, and they will know you put next to no effort in for the nth year in a row.

Make this year different with Evenchilada’s Valentine’s Arts & Crafts Workshop! You can make something truly unique for your loved one with your own hands! Grace your social media pages with a piece of art that can be enjoyed year round.

Here are the amazing courses we have to offer to make this more than the usual Valentine’s Day:

Trash to Treasures - Inspiration Vision Boards From Trash Around The House
Everlasting Flower Bouquets - Creating a Beautiful Flower Bouquet With Some Flowers That Will Not Die!
Love That Lasts - Preserve Pieces of Your Love In Resin Mouldings As A Valentine's Gift
I've Been Framed! For Loving You - Decorate a Picture Frame to Gift Your Loved One (Picture Not Included)
Crochet My Love Away - Crochet a Valentine's Day Gift For Someone Special!
Valentine's Day Cards Aren't Just For Elementary School! - Create A Beautiful Handmade Card For Your Loved Ones

If you don’t see what you had in mind on that list, no problem! Our workshop guides are so talented that they take requests!

Time is running out. In just a few short weeks that snoring person that steals the covers while sleeping next to you will wake up and look at you with judgmental eyes. What will you offer them? Candy? Pathetic! Give them something from the heart that you made yourself.

Don’t be lazy, round up some friends or coworkers and book now!

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