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Top 5 Tips for planning your Holiday Team Event

Choosing holiday events for your team can be stressful. Check out our guide to make it easy and affordable!

Top 5 Tips for planning your Holiday Team Event
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With summer coming to a close and Q4 about to roll in, we have put together our top tips to help you plan for the event of the year!

Here are our top 5 tips to help in planning your Holiday Team Event:

Book Early!

The first top tip is to book early. Try not to leave it until the last moment. A lot of December dates fill up quickly so avoid any disappointment and start planning as soon as possible.

Choose the Right Time

Picking the best time for your event to take place is an important factor to consider in the planning stages. You want as many of your team to attend the event as possible. Popular times for holiday events are typically the first two weeks of December. If your industry is especially busy at this time of year, don’t worry you can always have your event after the holiday season in early January.

As well as choosing the best date, you also need to consider the time of the event. When having a virtual event or hybrid event we suggest incorporating it into the working day. If you are having an in-person event offsite, then we suggest allowing enough time between the end of the work day and the start of the event.


We have seen a huge increase in teams working with hybrid structures, so if your team is mixed between the office and remote, you should pick an event option that is accessible to all. A hybrid event is the best option for those teams that are split as everyone can access the event and be included.  


When picking your holiday event, we recommend sticking with something that is entertaining and avoiding any work-related activities. Leave the team-building activities for during the year and pick an event that is focused on fun and entertainment. End-of-year speeches can be included but shouldn’t be too long and should give a more celebratory feel than a ‘team meeting’ vibe.


Finally, if your budget allows, adding in prizes or gifts for your team is always a good idea, because who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts?

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Now that you have our top tips to help you plan your holiday event, it's time to choose your holiday event, check out our top holiday event suggestions here!

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