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The 5 Best Events to Celebrate Diversity with Your Team

We'll help you plan the most fun and informative diversity events for your team!

The 5 Best Events to Celebrate Diversity with Your Team

Now that 2022 is upon us, have you thought about what events to plan for your team this year? If you want to promote diversity in your workplace, lots of important dates are approaching!

  • February - Pride Month (UK)
  • February - Black History Month
  • February 1st - Chinese New Year
  • March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
  • March - Women’s History Month

To help you prepare for these important dates, as well as the ones to come later in the year, here are the five best ways to celebrate with your team.

  1. A themed-quiz! We can either build a complete quiz based around your diversity event of choice or we can sprinkle some diversity-themed questions into our classic general knowledge quiz. Everyone loves trivia!
  2. Music bingo! Just as with our trivia, we can make an entire playlist based on a diversity event from above or mix in some relevant tunes. Music bingo is a high-energy activity that is always a hit with players!
  3. Quiz Bingo! We can even mix two of our most popular events together for a unique and amazing experience. You mark a square on your bingo card by answering clues and questions.
  4. Mixology Workshop! Our fabulous in-house mixologist can create mind-blowing cocktails that match most of the above diversity events.
  5. Evenchilada Jeoparty! We can make a themed-version of the diversity event of your choice based on the hit classic TV Show Jeopardy. Excitement abounds with questions for answers and point wagering!

Why Evenchilada?

What makes Evenchilada the best events company is our flexibility. We can mix and match any of the above events together so you can have the most unique experience anywhere. We don’t stop there! We can offer most of these events virtually, in-person, or hybridly.

So head over to our booking page and get your diversity events planned for the year. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the show(s)!

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