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Why A Quiz Night Is A Perfect Way To Integrate Your Team

A quiz night is no doubt the perfect ice-breaking activity for a work party or social gathering.

Why A Quiz Night Is A Perfect Way To Integrate Your Team

Team building can be a stressful task, the struggles with finding something everyone will enjoy and making sure it meets financial requirements can be quite a daunting mission. Then you may have to deal with unpleasant colleagues who claim that “they could have organised a better activity”.

So, with that being said! Have you ever thought of shaking things up by organising a Quiz Night? There is no denying that this will be the talk of the office the following day!

Here are a few reasons why we strongly believe a Quiz Night is a perfect way to integrate your team.

Incredibly Social

Firstly, a Pub Quiz is an incredibly social experience and requires a lot of communication between participants. This means that from the very start, contestants will HAVE to talk to each other! It is very rare at a general knowledge Quiz Night to have a one-person show answering all of the questions, so everyone will be involved!

There Is No Better Ice Breaking Activity Out There

Therefore, it is also a brilliant ice breaking activity for new or even old members of staff! An event such as this relies on your team working together, and there is no easier way than breaking the ice than by grouping strangers together at an event as jazzy as a Quiz Night. Friendly competition will arise, high-fives will be exchanged and it wouldn’t be a Quiz Night if we didn’t have a few cheeky smirks after some controversial correct (or incorrect) answers!

Everyone Can Become Involved

It is also relatively easy to play; the lack of physical activity ensures that anyone can become involved in a Quiz Night and nobody will be left out of this relaxing and easy-going team building event.

Each Event Can Be Different, Tailored Especially For You

We can create your event based on your wishes, therefore creating a memorable experience. Thus, a team building Quiz Night doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, every event can be crafted differently!

Question One have been running successful quiz nights since 2003, and we truly believe that an evening with us will be an amazing night out!

Do you have what it takes to become the office champion?

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