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The 5 Must Have Team Members In Order To Build The Ultimate Quiz Team

You'll need these five people on your team if you want to become the ultimate quizzing outfit.

The 5 Must Have Team Members In Order To Build The Ultimate Quiz Team

Every winning team at a Pub Quiz will tell you that variety is a must, you won’t get anywhere with having 5 people all totally focused on one topic! Pub Quizzes these days love to ask an assortment of questions, really keeping everybody on their toes, so it is important to have a variety of interests and skills present. You won’t win a game of basketball with 5 starting point guards and you most certainly won’t win a Quiz with them either…

Here is a list of the 5 types of people YOU NEED on your team if you want to become the ultimate Pub Quiz outfit!

The One Who Watches Too Much TV And Movies

We all have a good mate who became a movie buff… Every new release, they are there. Every new trailer, straight into the group chat. They’ll tell you every movie that has won an Academy Award since the beginning of Academy Awards! The knowledge they offer is extremely powerful, as film and tv questions are asked in abundance at Pub Quizzes all over the world!

The One Who Knows All The Dates

Then there’s the one friend you has this computer-like ability programmed into their brain where they can remember everything about everything that has ever happened. The date, the time, the place, you name it and they’ve got it covered! A historian is an important addition to your team!

The One Who’s Really Into Reality TV And Celebrity Gossip

Remember that friend you laughed at for holding so much information in regards to celebrities and current affairs, well it’s time you acknowledged their power and recruit them into your team, as they are a vital piece in winning a Quiz Night. We love to ask questions about ‘What’s happening on Love Island’ and it’s these friends who will gladly step up to the plate and deliver the answers that everybody else is too embarrassed to admit they know!

The One Who Skipped Last Weeks Quiz Because Of A Solar Eclipse

The one category that leaves the best of stumped is science, that is exactly why you need to call up your mate who’s slaving away into their Doctorate of Bio-Med and get them down to the pub for a cheeky Quiz Night! Time and time again we see teams lose it once the science questions kick in, and who can blame them. Those science questions defeat even the best of us, so it is really important to have a scientist amongst your ranks!

The Over Confident One With No Idea

Usually the loudest in the room, yet pretty quiet when the questions are read out, the last piece of the ultimate quiz team puzzle comes in the form of moral support. This friend is there to make sure the rest of the team is at their best, something like a water-boy, delivering words of encouragement during the final moments of the quiz, all to get your team over the line. Let’s face it, they will probably only agree to come for the free beer!

So, how many of these team mates do you have, or should we ask, which one are you...?

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