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Who Wants To Be A Quiz Night Warrior?

Ever wanted to become a Quiz Champion? Here are some tips on becoming your weekly Quiz Night's number 1 contender.

Who Wants To Be A Quiz Night Warrior?

Quiz Night should be an important time of the week for everyone, so it's essential that we have various ways to prepare ourselves, but are they working?

If not then don't panic!  Over the years we’ve acquired a list of simple, yet honest tricks that can give you the edge over your opponents before the quiz has even begun.  You’ll be a champion in no time!

Keep Up To Date With News & Current Affairs

It’s a simple trick but it will be sure to help you out on the night!  Give the top news articles a quick skim and even have a cheeky scroll through Facebook and Twitter before heading into your weekly Quiz event to have that added advantage over the competition.

On This Day

What happened on this day 500 years ago?  You probably don’t know, so maybe you should have a little read about it… A lot of Quiz Hosts like to slip in some questions based on this very day in history!  Often it will go unnoticed, however, if you do your research, you'll come out with the last laugh!

Daily Newspaper Quizzes

Consider this a pre-match warm up, grab your local paper and have a go at the quiz section.  You might find that similar topics and perhaps even similar questions will appear, so having read the newspaper you would have a solid advantage going into the Quiz night.

Have A Glance At A Map Of The World

The easiest thing you have to do, yet the only one we usually forget to consider!  How many times have you been at a Quiz and a geography question pops up, or a question about flags, EVERY BLOODY TIME!  Don’t you wish you had a quick look at the world map before coming!  Maybe focus on some obscure islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or densely populated areas of Siberia!

Do you think you are ready to become a Quiz Warrior?  Stick to these tips and you'll be swimming in bar tabs and free drink vouchers.  Good luck and Happy Quizzing!

What happened to Question One?

If it feels like the company was taken over by an investment banker and the questions are now being selected by a central committee of lawyers by the Entertainment company formerly-known-as-Question-One, you would not be mistaken.

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