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How To Play Your Cards Right

A short description of how our infamous Cash Jackpot game works.

How To Play Your Cards Right

If you have visited our weekly Quiz Nights around London you may have had the opportunity to experience our ‘Play Your Cards Right’ jackpot game in full force. If you haven’t, then this is for you.

This crowd-arousing game takes place at the end of the Quiz and features one contestant from a team who either successfully nail the tie-break answer, or come the closest to being correct.

You’ll then enter the ring to Play You Cards Right!

It’s a very simple game, a card gets drawn and you must pick the next card to be either higher or lower than the previous card. So, if a 3 was to be drawn, it is likely the next card will be higher.

However, choosing the possibility with the highest probability is easier said than done, as we all know that what may seem like a sure thing can mean going home empty handed!

So next time you're up on the grand stage at one of our Quiz Nights, just take a deep breath and hope for the best!

Chris profile image Chris