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How To Attract Passersby To Your Quiz Night

Ideas on making sure passersby take notice of your venue.

How To Attract Passersby To Your Quiz Night

Starting a Quiz Night from scratch can be quite a daunting task. Yes, you can always rely on your regulars to be there rain, hail or shine, however, you do need some extra clientele, and there is none better than pedestrians strolling past your venue.

When you begin a regular Quiz Night with Question, we really do assist as much as we can when it comes to attracting customers into your venue. Posters, flyers and social media are all convenient and reliable ways of getting people inside your pub and eventually converting them into regular punters.

However, not every passer-by will become a consistent guest, the promotional methods mentioned above will mainly target customers looking for something specific, something they have sought out. You want the folks walking by to be intrigued, you want their full attention… That’s where the A-Board comes in!

These clever sidewalk signs can go a long, long way in guaranteeing that people who are smoothly strolling by your venue will take a second look.

Quirky drawings, witty phrases, what’s on for the night, or even specials on food and drinks, all of these attract our attention. There is nothing more satisfying then walking past a pub on a dreary day after work and seeing a sign screaming at you “QUIZ NIGHT HERE” or sometimes if you’re lucky, “2 FOR 1 PINTS”.

We have found that something as simple as an A Board has done wonders for venues taking on our Quiz Night’s, with numbers increasing on a weekly basis and showing no sign of slowing down.

These pubs aren’t just filled with regulars either. On numerous occasions we have been informed of how the Quiz was made up almost entirely of random guests who were walking by and saw something interesting was taking place inside, something they could not bear to miss out on.

So get the board out there and let it work its magic!

Chris profile image Chris