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Confessions Of A Quiz Host Vol. I: Cheaters

Part 1 of our Confessions of a Quiz Host series

Confessions Of A Quiz Host Vol. I: Cheaters

We are usually a happy, charming bunch of individuals, excitingly hosting your weekly local Quiz Night, however, there are times when our patience begins to wear thin and our darker side emerges.

We’re talking about cheaters…

99% of punters are model quiz attendees, we cannot fault their behaviour.  They turn away from the digital world and focus solely on the task at hand, winning the Pub Quiz.  However, there are times when spot some dishonest individuals, cheating their way into first place.

There are various types of cheaters we have uncovered so far, with perhaps many more still out there avoiding our angry glares.  However, let's focus on three for the time being.

The Show-Offs

These ones are trying to impress their teams, but why?!?!  If you don’t know the answer what’s the big deal, you don’t need to whip your phone out and pretend your scrolling through Instagram, when really, you’re Googling the answer to Question 35.

The Shazamers

The music round can be really difficult at times, it can also become difficult for some teammates who claim they listen to Tears for Fears but cannot realise it until after they’ve been told the answer.  Hence why we see a lot of cheaters come forth for the music round, maybe for the easy points, or maybe just to keep up the façade that they have an eclectic taste in music.

The Bathroom Breaks

We can tell when you run off into the bathroom or jump outside of the venue to quickly double-check an answer…  You arrive back to your tables with a gleeful smile stretched across your face and in your excitement, reveal the answer so loud that half of the pub can hear you.

So remember, we are watching you, we know when you cheat, there is no need for it!  Just come along for the fun and if you don't know the answer don't look it up, you're learning something new!

What happened to Question One?

If it feels like the company was taken over by an investment banker and the questions are now being selected by a central committee of lawyers by the Entertainment company formerly-known-as-Question-One, you would not be mistaken.

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