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Attacking An Anagram

A quick guide on how to successfully and swiftly break down an anagram during a Pub Quiz.

Attacking An Anagram

We all dread the appearance of the anagram, but it’s not going anywhere!

A staple in all of our Question One Quiz Nights, the anagram can be the deciding point between going home victorious with a bar tab or walking out with nothing.

We’re going to give you some tips on how to successfully decipher the anagram and claim that much needed point!

Firstly, before you even attempt to guess, unless you are a wizard at these things, you’ll need to WRITE IT DOWN.  Many often make the mistake of not writing it down, only to look around, dumbfounded, unable to even string a word together, let alone remember what was said!

Once you have it written down there are a few ways to attack it further.

A popular technique is to write the letters in a circular shape, not necessarily in the same order as they were spoken, around the page.  This method will open up the letters in singular ways, giving you different possibilities from what was read aloud, help you see common letter pairings and will help you to identify and avoid deceptive sound combinations.

You can then begin to group up the vowels and the consonants to find popular letter combinations.  You’ll also want to identify any prefix or suffix hidden within the anagram.  Grouping these together will help you start to assemble the word, then using the remaining letters you have, start putting it all together and the word should then make itself known to you... Simple right?!

Hopefully this can help you attack the anagram during our Quiz Nights!  Of course there will always be the anagram wizards, instantly aware of the hidden word, but using these methods, you won't be far behind!

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