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5 Simple Tricks That Will Make A Great Pub Quiz

A 5 step guide on what makes a fantastic Pub Quiz.

5 Simple Tricks That Will Make A Great Pub Quiz

We are currently in the midst of a Pub Quiz revolution!

What started with small events in local pubs delivering questions to relatively smaller crowds, we are now seeing Quiz Nights becoming a staple at almost every venue in our respective cities. So, with this rise of interest a change in how a Quiz Night is run must also be considered. Here are 5 tips on how to successfully ensure your Pub Quiz will stand the test of time.

A Great Set of Questions

You NEED a great set of questions, not too hard but at the same time not too easy, you don’t want to throw people off the Quiz due to too difficult or too simple questions. The trick is to also have a variety of topics throughout the evening. Our experience from hosting Quiz Nights for over a decade has taught us that a mix of general knowledge and current affairs is the best way to test your audience whilst also entertaining them.


Whilst a traditional format of questions and answers in most cases will be enough, it is important to consider adding a variety of question types into the Quiz, the main ones being picture questions and audio questions, however, video questions can also be utilised. These questions serve as a refreshing diversion and will keep punters entertained and enthusiastic as the Quiz progresses.

Half-time Activities

A great way to keep the people entertained in between rounds is to host a memorable half-time game. You can ideally change these up on a weekly basis, keeping the activities fresh, this should also ensure that your audience will want to come back for more. Half-time games can be anything from art competitions to heads or tails, in reality it can be anything you want, just let your imagination run free.

Something Worth Playing For

A great Pub Quiz needs a decent prize in the end, something that will keep guests continuously returning, trying in vain every week to claim it for themselves. The go-to prize for a Pub Quiz for most venues is a Bar Tab or a set number of drinks. It is crucial to have the Bar Tab high enough to maintain interest, if winning a Pub Quiz only got you one beer, it wouldn’t necessarily be worth the hassle. Plus, there is nothing better than winning a Pub Quiz and staying on at the bar after the night is done, drinking your prizes away.

A Memorable Host

Lastly, the most important factor of successful Quiz Night, an enthusiastic and professional host. You cannot even begin to plan a Quiz Night if you haven’t got the host you know you will need to keep the audience entertained throughout the evening. If you are a regular at a Quiz Night, there is a strong chance that is due to the brilliance of the host, as having a host who is engaging the audience, makes all the difference on the night.

These simple tricks are utilised by Question One on a daily basis, found at all of our Quiz Nights being hosted around the UK, Australia and Poland. If you are looking at launching a Quiz Night at your venue, please contact us, we have a distinguished reputation amongst the Quizzing world and are always looking to expand.

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