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Check out or newest product: Evenchilada’s Fake Out!™

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Evenchilada is releasing brand-new virtual content that you’re sure to love!

Check out or newest product: Evenchilada’s Fake Out!™

If you’ve had an experience with Evenchilada, or have spent a few minutes on our website, you’ll know that we go far beyond normal events. We offer everything under the sun, and we mix those things up for a truly unique experience for you and your team!

Quiz+Bingo? Sure thing! Comedy+Pictionary+Movie Trivia? Absolutely! What?! You want Music Bingo weaved into your Murder Mystery?? No problem! We can do that!

Now we unleash upon the world our newest combo event, Evenchilada’s Fake Out!

What is Fake Out!?

Fake Out! is a combination of our classic word-game Fictionary plus 2 new events, Plot Twist! and Fact or Fiction?. Attendees will have an opportunity to use their creativity to fool their opponents to score points then we will try and fool you to stop you from scoring points!

Fictionary - Can you come up with a definition real enough to trick your opponents?

Plot Twist! - Can you create a movie plot fit for Hollywood? If your opponents think so, you might win!

Fact or Fiction? - A multiple-choice game where you have to separate fact from fiction or risk losing it all!

Fake Out! is a perfect virtual event to bring your team together to figure out creative ways to work against each other!

Until in-person events return, Evenchilada events are a great way, maybe the best way, to experience live events! So spread the love around and book Fake Out! for your working from home team now!

Stacy profile image Stacy
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